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Screen-Printed Aluminum Nameplates

Screen-Printed Aluminum Nameplates

Often used in tough environments because of this materials ability to resist high temperatures, when anodized, aluminium also provides good resistance to wear and abrasion, and is a good choice for uses where plastic or paper labels wouldn’t withstand the conditions.

Because of the attractive finish that can be achieved along with durability, aluminium nameplates are used for a wide variety of applications, such as for branding, identifying equipment and to convey information, such as operating instructions, load limits, machine tolerance, rating and safety information.

The anodizing process opens up the pores in the surface layer of aluminium, after this, a dye is screen printed into the porous layer. Once printing is completed, the pores are sealed, which traps the inks into the surface of the material. The anodizing process changes the chemical composition of the aluminium, making a hard anodic layer, which provides added protection from corrosion, and improves resistance to abrasion and wear. We can ensure the anodic layer is thick enough to provide good protection by measuring the thickness of the layer for every nameplate batch of production. The resulting name plate image is colour fast, permanent and durable, whilst being resistant to marks and fingerprints, and has the appearance of a clean, modern looking label.

  • Our Specialty! – Production of
    “sub-surface” printed anodized
    aluminum nameplates
    and panels.
  • Similar durability to
    Metalphoto, but images can
    be in colour on dyed
    backgrounds for great
  • .032″ and .063″ thickness
Benefits of Screen-Printed Aluminum Nameplates
  • Outdoor life up to 10 years
  • High resistance to oxidation, corrosion and extreme temperatures
  • Adhesives or holes available for mechanical attachment
  • Durable, lightweight and malleable
  • Designed to your specifications
  • Increased abrasion & scratch resistance with optional protective coating

Please see our Product Info Sheet for further information. 

For pricing, sizing and delivery times please contact one of our friendly customer service representatives.