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Calgary Stamp & Stencil, manufacturer of Trodat & Colop Self-Inking Stamps, as well as traditional rubber stamps.  We also manufacture corporate desk seals, name badges, custom stencils, name tags, badges, lamacoids and specialty engraving.

Colop Printer 40 Self-Inking Stamp

SKU: P40
Your Price $27.00
The Colop Printer 40 Custom Rubber Stamp offers space for longer addresses and messages - generates a rectangular imprint. This very common format is particularly suited to addresses and/or logos.
  • Business Return Address Stamps
  • Business Info Stamp (address, phone numbers, website, etc.)
  • New Address Stamps (We have moved)
  • Commissioner and Notary Stamps
  • Prescription Stamps
  • Signature Stamps

This self-inking stamp sets new benchmarks in design and benefits. The new large index window allows for the first time to portray not only the imprint itself but also personal information on the index card in a flexible and easy way. The new Printer is more reliable and durable than comparable products. The high-developed ink pad ensures even more imprints of sharp and clear consistent quality. The pad-changing functions on a simple finger-tip touch - easy, intuitive and clean. A new patented locking system enables storage and transportation of the Printer in locked position and helps saving space and costs.

The Colop Printer 40 is comparable to the Trodat 4913

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