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Warning & Safety Labels

Comply with and promote occupational safety standards within your facility

Promote occupational safety standards with Safety Labels. These labels, together with warning signs, ensure your workers are aware of all the potential hazards within your facility as well as helping create a more secure working environment.

Chemical Labels & HazMat labels clearly identify hazardous chemicals and other dangerous goods, ensuring your employees are warned about their potential dangers. They also ensure your facility is compliant, featuring standard HazMat graphics and text such as the NFPA Diamond or Color Bar Formats.

​The government implements strict regulations that are meant to ensure workplace safety. Make sure that your facility is compliant by making use of Safety Labels

These labels and decals are manufactured with durable vinyl, and made to resist temperatures of up to 176°F.  Their design features follow ANSI regulations, and come with standard graphics to enhance the text.

Sizing examples:

1 color: 2x2 2 color: 2x2 1 color: 3x5 2 color: 2x8
 $1.00 ea.
$1.22 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$4.88 ea.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 403-228-9004 or service@calgarystamp.ca
If you don't see what you're looking for, no problem, we have a custom label solution for any application. Please contact us to find what type of label is right for you.