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1. What is the difference between self-inking, pre-inked and traditional stamps?
Traditional stamps have been around the stamp industry for as long as the industry has been around and are sometimes referred to simply as "rubber stamps". A separate ink pad is required with this type of stamp. The main advantage of this stamp is that virtually any size can be made. With self-inkers, pre-inks and flash stamps you must have your information conform to the size of the stamp. With traditional stamps we can make the stamp conform to the size of your information. If you need a very specific custom size, then a traditional stamp is your best bet. A self-inking stamp is one whereby the inkpad is built right in. The pad can be easily re-inked or changed when the image starts to get faint. The die plate sits on the inkpad and when the top is pushed down, the die plate "flips" around to make contact with the paper. We usually recommend these stamps for the majority of your stamp needs because of their longevity, flexibility and ease of use. The colour of the ink in the stamp can be changed and any updates to the imprint information can be easily done. A pre-inked stamp is where the die is made from a material that has the ink actually embedded into the die plate during the manufacturing process. Heat and pressure are applied to seal the ink into the printing surface.
2. What size do I need?
Generally, you can decide the size by looking at our impression images, next to each product. We also show a ‘size as’ image when you click on the image next to the product description. This includes the size of the actual image area of the stamp in both metric and imperial measurements. Selecting the right stamp and size can be difficult if you are a first-time user or are unsure of your needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you.
3. Do you do custom stamps and logo stamps
Yes. We can add logos to your stamp; make signature or logo stamps or any combination thereof. We can reproduce logos as long as they are not too detailed. Remember, this is a one colour representation of your logo, not an exact copy of the logo. There are limitations but we will strive to meet your needs as much as possible, within the confines of the current technology. Signature stamps are becoming more popular. If you find that you are writing your signature, or any other common phrase, more than 5 times per day, you should seriously consider a stamp. You will easily save time and money as well as save your hands from unnecessary cramping.
4. What is the difference between a pocket and desk seal?
For one, the pocket seal is smaller. It literally, can fit in your pocket. There is also a difference in reach. The pocket seal can only reach about 1 to 1.5 inches from the edge of the paper. The desk seal has a longer reach, allowing the user to make a seal about 3 inches from the edge of the paper. The desk seal also comes in two sizes, 1 ¾ inch and 2 inch, while the pocket seal only comes in a 1 ¾ inch size. The pocket seal is great for Notary Public seals or seals where the user may be required to be on the go. Most seal users find the desk seal to be the ideal product for them. Soon, we will be offering a gift seal. This will be a similar to a pocket seal or desk seal, but will be more esthetically pleasing, making it perfect as a gift for that special professional in your life. Please come back soon and check out our updated product line.
5. Do you make brass tags?
Yes. We are one of, if not the only place in Western Canada still making traditional brass tags. As part of our long 100 year heritage, we use historic tools and techniques to continue to make quality brass tags at a reasonable price.
6. How do I get to your location?
Head North on Edmonton Trail (4th Street NE), two blocks and then turn right onto Beaverdam Road NE. You will go about 3/4 the way down the road and on the North side of the road you will see the Beaverdam Business Park. The first building you will see is 634 Building D. You have to go behind all the buildings to the North side of Building A. You will find us about half way down the building.
What are your business hours?
Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and closed on Holidays.